Fairy tales are one of my favorite media to draw inspiration from. I love them for the archetypes they represent and how easy it is to bastardize those archetypes. You can shock a whole legion from its collective comfort zone by saying something just a little different from what they expect. By taking a beloved character’s humanity in a decidedly queered direction.

My third Downtown Threads costume, Cinderella, haphazardly combines peasant and princess. Cindy wouldn’t forget her roots that easily.

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cindy I


cindy VIII


cindy XI\

No glass slippers this time around.


Welcome to Round II! Today I’m putting a conceptual spin on a Halloween classic: the raven.

Too many animal costumes resort to big honking masks and bulky fur suits. I’ve never found much excitement in exact duplication. As you saw in yesterday’s post, I much prefer to costume the idea of something. I might not literally resemble a raven, but I resemble the common cultural shorthand of what ravens represent: mystery, cruelty, seduction.

Basically, I like designing costumes that look like outfits and outfits that look like costumes. There’s so much more overlap than many people realize.  It’s why I love designers like Westwood andSchiaparelli. This costume would work pretty well at a black-tie event. And most of my everyday outfits look at least a little like Halloween costumes. There’s history and semiotics in everything.

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raven XIV

raven XV

raven IX



french maid

I’m Skye! I’m a writer, costume designer, and general Manic Pixie Dream Witch. You might know me from my costume blog, My Kingdom for a Hat. When Downtown Threads approved my proposal for a series of posts featuring items from their store, I was thrilled. As a designer, I specialize in “found” costumes and eclectic takes on classics. I mine most of my pieces from thrift stores and vintage emporia, and Downtown Threads is one of my favorite haunts. Through my deal with the company, I get to borrow interesting/eccentric/eyesore-tastic clothes and have my costumey way with them. Halloween is the highlight of my year, and I love sharing that passion with the internet and making every day a little more theatrical.

My first costume post dropped yesterday over on my main blog. I’m a French impressionist heroine (or, if you will, a painfully literal interpretation of a French maid). Enjoy the preview, and click through to the longer post if it strikes your fancy!

Happy haunting!


french IV

french III

french V

Vintage Denim Jacket

Vintage Denim Jackets

What’s the one thing you need to really make your fixie bicycle mustache gang stand apart? Vintage denim jackets, duh. They say, I’m tough but I care about the environment and don’t support corporations shipping all of our manufacturing jobs over seas.

These are another item that you’re going to have a hell of a time finding a good selection of at your local thrift store. Almost all of our vintage denim is from 1990 and before, from the bygone era when Levi’s still made almost everything in the USA. The denim is thicker, the rivets are tougher and you’ll feel like the United Garment Workers Union members are giving you a big hug to get you through cool fall days.

We’ve got vintage 2 pocket and retro 4 pocket Levi’s jackets, previously worn and dead stock. If you don’t know the difference between 2 and 4 pocket jackets and you care about dating your denim there is a great write up from Denimhunters. If you’re not in love with Levi’s we still have Gap, Lee, Wrangler and other brands of denim jackets too.

Here are some pictures of some jackets we just put out today.

Bill Cosby Sweater

Cosby sweaters galore

I’m going to try to do my best to keep our blog updated to some degree with new items coming in. We have so many vintage items coming in both from our secret sources and from consignors that it’s hard to keep everything up to date. But we do a pretty darn good job of getting sample pictures up on our facebook page.

Meanwhile, just in time for fall we’ve got an awesome selection of Cosby sweaters to keep you warm on chilly days. They’re perfect to throw on with leggings when you need a little extra warmth curled up on your couch with a cup of coffee cramming for a test. They’re even better to wear when Bill Cosby himself comes to town on September 20th to the Flyn Theater! Sorry, but they’re sold out. But at least you don’t have to waste your time going to Goodwill or The Salvation Army or some other church basement thrift store opening to find an iconic sweater, because we have a choice curated selection just for you.

We moved to 108 Church Street!

Well, a long time ago, like November 2012 my wordpress install crashed on my server so I couldn’t update my website and I couldn’t fix it. I waited and waited hoping I’d be able to figure out how to make it work, but alas I couldn’t. Then we moved our store back in March and I knew I had to update my website to show our new address… but I never got around to it until now!

Now we are at: 108 Church Street (Above Tradewinds), Burlington, VT 05401

Our space is bigger and better than our old space. Our merchandise is better organized. We have central heat and AC so it’s more comfortable to shop in. We have better dressing rooms! You will love it here and I’ll get up pictures soon.